condado tacos


Written by Allison Pettyjohn

Photos by Sarah Hastings

Condado is known for their unique build-your-own taco menu and street art style interior design. Their famous and filling taco combinations range from $3.50 to $4.50. Their fresh ingredients pair perfectly with their house-made tortilla chips and original margarita drinks. 

Owner and creator of Condado, Joe Kahn, opened the doors to the trendy mexican restaurant in 2014 at the first location in Columbus, Ohio. After their booming success, they decided to open five, soon to be six, other locations, including one in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh on Liberty Avenue. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with the District Manager of Condado’s Pittsburgh location, Joe Toocheck, and talk a little about some of the great features that make up a Condado restaurant. Here is what he had to say to my questions:

What is your favorite taco combination on the menu?

My favorite would be the Bubba Kush, off of the taco suggestion menu. The pork that we cook and marinate in orange juice goes well with the pineapple, the smokiness of the cheddar cheese, and the heat from the refried beans. The sweetness and the pork go really well together. 


Who created the artwork in the restaurant?

I was not here from the beginning and do not know who created the artwork inside, but I know we have a general contractor at Condado who finds local artists to design the art.

What do the customers think about filling out the menu?

It is a little overwhelming at first, because we have the drink, draft, chip, and taco menu, but I think it fits how the restaurant industry is evolving to the hip, new trends. Once the servers walk them through everything and the customer figures it out, it is great because they get to design everything the way they want it. Everything that comes into this building is made fresh, so nothing is frozen. 

Why should people come to Condado? 

The food is fresh, your order comes quick, and the atmosphere is really cool. It is a great value and I think it is awesome that the guests get to customize their own taco. We put our tables tight, not to fit more people in, but to encourage other tables to talk to one another. We want it to be a group feeling. Also, all the team members get to be themselves, by dressing how we want and letting our personalities shine through. 

Is there anything new customers should know before coming to Condado?

The menu might seem a little overwhelming, but just ask one of the servers what they would suggest, because they eat here everyday. They know what is the best, what goes together, and what you should order if you like sweet or hot stuff. I would say that new customers should bring an open mind.


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